Christian Rapper and Poet
Recent Releases
    The talk African American parents give to their children
  2. Do It in Love ft Kind David Tha Vessel
    Can you love like Jesus?
  3. Overcoming Lust
    Testimony Tube interview
About Me
TonyWHOA! is a Christian Rap recording artist from Palm Beach County, Florida.

“TonyWHOA! has a unique style that is effective in getting the message across. If you like music that is good to listen to and dance to without compromising the message, then this album is for you. His lyrical skills, the integration of various artists and more so the message of the album as a whole, with each individual title, make this a must have for any hip-hop fan! Strong, insightful, and a true representation of Jesus Christ and Christianity, if you want a great picture of what real Christianity looks like in the secular world, pick up this album today! - Rick Jamm, JamSphere
Upcoming Events
  1. May 5th 2018
    One America Mini 500 Marathon
    Worlds largest mini marathon with 35,000 runners and over 100 bands
    7:00 a.m.
  2. Weekly
    Real Rapper Wednesdays
    The crazy web show hosted by TonyWHOA on
    6:30 pm
  3. September 30th 2017
    Glory Muzik Ministry Outreach
    Street Outreach with food, fun, and live performances.
    1pm - 6pm